Dear Colleagues and Friends!

If you are the Museum or Paleontological Center, Publishing House or Production Studio, Web-resource or just a lover of ancient animals, we are always open to cooperation, which will further bring us closer to unraveling the prehistoric fauna.

We are proud of realized projects and are grateful to our Clients:

  • Trailer Park Inc. (for the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc., Special Edition DVD of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug; Hollywood, USA);
  • Natural History Museum (London, UK);
  • The Guardian (International Edition, UK);
  • BBC Studios Productions Limited (London, UK);
  • PBS Eons (the America's largest public media enterprise, USA);
  • RAW-TV (A Multi-Award Winning Production Company, London, UK);
  • Blue Ant Media Inc. (Canadian broadcasting and media company, Toronto, Ontario);
  • Museo Geominero and Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (Madrid, Spain);
  • GEO, international magazine (Hamburg, Germany);
  • Penguin Random House (New York, USA);
  • Dorling Kindersley Limited (London, UK);
  • Scholastic Inc. (Superscience Magazine, New York, USA);
  • Illustrerad Vetenskap/Bonnier Publications International AS (international popular-science magazine, Denmark);
  • Emschertal-Museum (Nuremberg, Germany);
  • Martin Krpan institute (Zavod Martin Krpan, Slovenia);
  • Poplar Publishing (Kyoto, Japan);
  • A-JA Incorporated (Tokyo, Japan);
  • Lerner Publishing Group (Minneapolis, MN, USA);
  • Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa, Canada);
  • The Cincinnati History Museum (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA);
  • Prometheus Studios Inc. (Los Angeles, USA);
  • Australian National Maritime Museum (New South Wales, Australia);
  • Western Australian Museum (Welshpool Western Australia);
  • Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary (Australia);
  • Nan-I Books Enterprise Co., Ltd. (New Taipei City, Taiwan);
  • C4 Eco Solutions (South Africa);
  • Tsircon CO.Ltd., Tsiridesfoundation (Cyprus);
  • Mr. Thomas R. Defler, Ph.D., Profesor Asociado Departamento de Biología, Director-Estación Ecológica Omé (Amazonas), Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá, Colombia). His amazing book with our images is available here

Join us!

We will be very pleased to expaned our geography of Partners and Friends!